Welcome to SCHSA Department

Social, Cultural, Health and Sport Activities Department is created as the department that will encourage students to participate in all of the activities that are essential for their personal development during the education process.

Socialization with the students that are coming from all over the world through the student trips, sports tournaments, student clubs from almost every branch that young, motivated and successful persons are showing interest in and through the connection of cultural diversities are creating unique atmosphere for studying in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Studying abroad is a lifetime experience and additional life education and because of that, SCHSA Department is offering help and assistance through its VISA office to all students that are not Bosnian citizens in the process of getting their residence permit.  Well organized internal system of control of the documents and protection of the personal data with the professional cooperation with the State Institutions are giving us right to say that IUS is the institution with the highest number of foreign citizens that have their residence permit based on the education and employment status, not only in Sarajevo but in complete Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our efforts to increase the importance of sport in everyday life are showing positive result continuously. People who are good in sports also exhibit a lifestyle of great quality. They are more active in their day to day chores and can take better decisions as a result of their balanced mental development. A perfectly fit person not only performs well in school as well as home; rather he/ she can distinctly shine out at the workplace as well and that is why the opportunity of using and participating at all sports events is given also to our working staff. With this participation we are managing to improve friendly with the professional relation among working staff and students. Our mission is:

  • To implement the sports policy and procedure.
  • To supervise staff facilities, equipment and budget for the various programs with the promotion and development of  social, cultural, health activities and sports at the International University of Sarajevo
  • To develop and organize staff capable of fulfilling the goals and objectives of the new policy/programs.
  • To evolve strategies which may lead to personal improvement of the participants in various social, cultural, health and sports activities?
  • To conduct a continuing evaluation process of the new SCHSA policies to promote maximum effectiveness of operations.

And the most important part is:

  • To say Welcome! To all of your ideas, projects, plans, suggestions and complains that can contribute to the improvement of yours and our overall social, cultural, health and sport life in our campus!