Concept of constant development of the University campus itself is one of the most positive stories in the education process in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With the constant grow of all of the facilities that can help to our students to increase their presence inside of the campus; we are giving additional importance to the social life.  To support this thesis, it is important to mention that IUS campus has 72.000m2 of usable space where modern educational infrastructure (classrooms, amphitheatres, laboratories, library, research center, space for student clubs and sport fields) is orientating our students, academicians, guests towards the quote that says “Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social” (Jay Baer)

Our work is about the relationship between people (students) and places (campus). We are trying to specialize as much as it is possible in research and community projects exploring how people are affected by changes in the built environment.

IUS Library, IUS Restaurant, IUS Cafe, Sports Hall, Gym IUS, Indoor and Outdoor entertainment like Table Tennis or Football Tournaments, Multipurpose amphitheatres…all of the IUS environment is designed and prepared for the education of course but as well as for the social inclusion and social activities.  

We believe that creating places that support local people, which are socially sustainable, matters as much as creating places that are economically and environmentally sustainable. 

Our work is also about understanding how peoples' day-to-day experience of local places is shaped by the built environment - housing, public spaces, parks and local high streets - and how change, through regeneration, new development or small improvements of our Campus, affects the social fabric, opportunities and wellbeing of the educational process.